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Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 0.8901

Price: 0.0175 BTC

Unlock the potential of cryptocurrency with our Bitcoin wallet preloaded with a balance of 0.8901 BTC. Dive right into the world of digital assets with a hassle-free solution, ensuring that your Bitcoin holdings are easily accessible and secured.

What do you get by buying Preloaded crypto wallet?

  • Wallet Address
  • Private Key
  • Seed Phrase or Mnemonic Phrase

Address: 1BnGXDXXn4uZ7Y58BnrzyzWoYtuLuppb85
Private Key: L23UVy***********************************Se4HLw
Balance: 0.8901 BTC

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✔️ Visual Confirmation: For every address we create, we provide a unique video of using the Exodus wallet for seeing enter to crypto wallet with BTC coins. This offers not just a visually appealing experience but a transparent one, ensuring you’re always in control.

✔️ Blockchain Transparency: With the added benefit of using a blockchain explorer like, you can check our funded bitcoin wallets, track balance, and monitor your BTC’s movement with complete clarity.

✔️ User-Friendly Interface: Whether you’re a crypto novice or a seasoned trader, our preloaded digital wallet‘s intuitive design ensures that managing your digital assets remains straightforward and stress-free.

Advantages of Buying a Bitcoin Wallet with a 0.8901 BTC Balance for Only 0.0175 BTC

Potential for Growth

Bitcoin has exhibited a history of appreciating in value over time. Owning wallet with 0.8901 BTC now may mean substantial returns in the future if the trend continues.

Reduced Transaction Costs

By acquiring a loaded crypto wallet, you can avoid multiple transaction fees associated with purchasing and transferring Bitcoins from exchanges.

Limited Offer

Opportunities like this, where you get more value than what you pay for, are rare and might not last long. Acting swiftly can ensure you seize the advantage.

hacked BTC wallet

We sell the best hacked bitcoin wallets (addresses). We do not use brute force, it is impossible to find a private key to an address, so we use other methods. Stealers, backdoors, old hard drives, stolen accounts from crypto exchanges.

purchasing a Bitcoin wallet loaded with 0.8901 BTC for just 0.0175 BTC offers an unmatched value proposition. Not only do you benefit financially, but you also gain a strategic position in the evolving digital currency landscape.


These stolen bitcoin wallets have been hacked and the exact source of the money in them is not known! Mr. Verify does not assume any responsibility regarding the consequences of using the accounts. 

What is a bitcoin private key ?

A private key in the context of Bitcoin is a secret number that allows bitcoins to be spent. Every Bitcoin wallet contains one or more private keys, which are saved in the wallet file. The private keys are mathematically related to all Bitcoin addresses generated for the wallet. Whit a private Key you can spent all bitcoin address balance.

And how to use it ?

 You can import a private key into an existing wallet. A tutorial for Exodus wallet can be found here and one for Electrum Bitcoin Wallet here.

What is the safest way to cash out your balance ?

For our and your safety we recommend to exchange the Bitcoin in Monero.

If you have any questions, send us a support ticket.